Black & White Photography Tips

Black and white photography was once thought of as being a thing of the past. Colour photography and technology were leading the way and everything became bright and bold. More recently, however, the art of the monochrome picture has been re-evaluated by many and has become a chosen format by some. By understanding some basic black and white photography tips it is surprising what a difference you can make.There are some subjects that will always look better if photographed in colour. For example the starting grid of a Formula One race would look fairly lack lustre without the exciting race colours of the cars and drivers. Some scenes can look equally good, although very different, in both black and white and colour. Scenes such as a woodland, for example, can benefit from either format but the two pictures would have a very different feel. Some simple black and photography tips can ensure that you bring out the shade and shapes in your pictures and this will result in an added depth that is often missing with colours.Portraits can be given a lovely timeless feel if taken in black and white. It is almost like losing one of your senses. If you shut your eyes you will find that you are able to hear better. It is similar with photography. If you take away the colours, you will tend to see more deeply into a face. Some black and photography tips regarding the taking of portraits include consideration of texture. It is best to have your subject dressed in plain clothes as too much pattern can draw the attention. However, add some texture to bring depth into the frame. This may mean in the background. Perhaps you could use a brick or stone wall as a back drop. Alternatively, you could use texture in the clothing. Try woollen sweaters in place of smooth cotton tee shirts.Consider the content of your pictures and try to incorporate some interesting shapes. Either similar or contrasting shapes will create interest, but be careful to keep things simple and well constructed. Try to structure the shapes so that they have a relevance to each other. You can get some great black and white photography tips just by looking at others people’s work and trying to evaluate their reasoning behind the construction of the shapes in their pictures.Black and white photography tips, as well as advice on all aspects of the art, are available on the internet, very often freely. If you become interested and think that you would like to become involved in photography either as a hobby or as a profession, there are many courses available at colleges, often on a part time basis. You may also find that there is a photography club in your area where you can meet others with a similar interest and sometimes with work to exhibit.

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