The Secret About Fashion And You – Why Buy New When The Old Will Do

What does the word trendy mean in relation to fashion? Well simply answered, trendy means more up to date with what clothes/Jewelry you wear, more so than that of the person who chooses to snub in adorning themselves in latest fashion gear. In a nutshell: if dressed from head to toe in new designs from Paris, Italy or London along with jewellery pieces of recent design – then you may be referred to by an onlooker as being trendy.However, keeping up with what is in fashion can leave you penniless because, most trendy designer labels come with a price tag that a fashion manic can ill afford. However, it is the uncontrollable urge to have those trendy clothes that hang on a boutique rail in the high street – that has you “the consumer” ignoring the warning signs of going overdrawn with your bank.To overcome this and still have money in your pocket is to set your own trend or style. Become a trend setter in your own right. Personalize those outfits hanging in the wardrobe collecting dust. Why buy new when the old will do. Think about it e.g. if you have garments hanging in the closet after a lengthy period of time is enough to tell you, that you are still attached to that little number (dress or frock).
If you feel the garment is past its sell by date (stale) then refresh it. (Wash or dry clean). Clothing is easily altered to appear fashionable and trendyColour coded material and accessories is, the key to what fashion is all about, but more importantly “you”, meaning: if you dislike the new updates on style, don`t wear them. Remember no one is out to pass judgement on the clothes you wear, however in saying that, if you follow designer fashion traits which do not compliment your shape or size then you may be faced with the possibility on being judged for looking hideous. (Fashion Freak)Remember in the world of fashion “What goes around comes around” For example: your clothes hanging in the cupboard were once trendy garments bearing a designer label at the time of purchase, so more the reason to take advantage – before repeat designs from the 1960s are created for the twentieth century at a price you can ill afford.Make the shawl trendy and fashionable.A shawl/shoulder wrap can liven up a plain sleeveless dress secured with a brooch/ornamental jewellery pin. Elbow draped shawls can be kept in place over the arms with bangles or bracelets. Concentrate on the shawl – and to where the jewellery clasp is to rest. (Nape of the neck – on the shoulder or clipped at the front) Personal preference prevails here. Two shawls (of light material) interwoven together in different shades is fashionable and trendy. You can always remove one shoulder wrap leaving you with what would appear to onlookers or admirers as another outfit. .Carry extra pieces of Jewelry in your handbag to claim yet another image.Be creative in thought, creativity results in trendy fashion gear. Make sure to jot down your ideas and conjure up images in your head and work from there. Low cut dresses can be smartened up with trendy fashionable neck decorations, i.e. shoe laces which come in different colours size and length, tie them in thin bows – plait them or even thread beads or pearls onto them. You can match the neckwear you have designed with wrist/ankle tie ups. This is more cost affective than buying expensive ribbons or chokers.The true feminine look in trendy fashion gear is the presence of head wear (Millinery hats). Save money: remove a shoulder pad from an old dress or jacket and cover in material of your choosing. Lace is a fine choice. Weave pearls, beads or buttons in and out of the lace or loop them around the edge. Sequins work well to. Have the lace cover the eyes or scrunch/fold it up on top of the padding. Take your time and you will be surprised at the result. Secure with hair grips.Regardless of what you wear, whether it is new trendy fashion gear or not, your own choice will leave you feeling like a million dollars. Fashion is about you; remember those famous words “It suits the wearer not the starer”. Now go out and knock them dead with your very own trend and let them stare all they want. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Let the beholder be YOU

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